Utopia exited turmoil Thursday morning after fortifying 39 control systems. Despite a valiant effort by the Simguru’s pilots, continued undermining and the depth of their power’s turmoil saw GCRV 2743 and Yemotepa revolt. Both GCRV 2743 and Yemotepa controlled profitable regions, and President Zachary Hudson’s forces have (at time of writing) already moved over 83,000 tonnes of restricted intel to the GCRV 2743, the more valuable of the pair. Both SiriusGov and Utopia have also begun preparing this system, but Hudson’s lead will be a significant barrier to success for either independent power. A successful preparation of this system by the President will be a strong follow-up to his forces’ victory last week in Allowini.


President Hudson will face his own challenges in Cycle 209. An attempt at out-preparing the Emperor in Simyr, aborted after her forces built a significant lead, left the President vulnerable to sabotage in the closing hours of the cycle — LHS 2088, barely 16 ly from Hudson’s HQ at Nanomam, will increase his already deep deficit by 62 command capital (CC). Proximity to Nanomam means that successful opposition to this system, which will also contest the Alliance, is unlikely.


The Federation’s Shadow President, Felicia Winters, met with greater success last week. Her expansion in Taexalk succeeded, and she prepared 169 G. Canis Majoris, a control system lost in Cycle 198.


Princess Aisling Duval did not secure Himardisc, a loss-making system reportedly prepared in an attempt to block saboteurs from threatening her domain with something worse. Her forces successfully consolidated, blocking all preparations.


Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew was defeated once again in Atata, and has no expansion this week.


Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, CEO Li Yong-Rui, and Senators Denton Patreus and Zemina Torval neither had nor prepared expansions in Cycle 208.


Torval Strategic Services, however, has reportedly deflected a significant offensive for the second week in a row. Cmdr Justinian Octavius issued this statement:

“The Federation continued their attack against us but once more they were thwarted and our defences held…Again ZYADA showed that the alliance remains strong and that all enemies shall fail to overcome the tireless vigilance of Imperial forces.”


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