Dramatic news from Dictator Yuri Grom’s office on Clayakarma, where several senior Pilots’ Federation members loyal to his cause have issued a statement that they are standing down from their leadership positions: “[we] bring to your attention the termination of their participation [in powerplay]”. The statement alluded to the difficulty of fighting saboteurs which have recently plagued Grom’s forces, notably by forcing them to adopt the system of BD-10 5238 last cycle. Although this does contest 20 Command Capital (CC) from President Hudson’s territory, it also costs Grom 62 CC. Grom’s current expansion into Caelottixa seems similarly burdensome – it costs Grom 51 CC, and only contests 24 CC from Edmund Mahon and 8 CC from Hudson – though it is currently seeing heavy opposition. Similarly, their top preparation appears to also be driven by sabotage and would cost them 60 CC while having the same 24 CC from Mahon and 8 CC from Hudson.


While Grom himself is not leaving galactic politics, the wholesale departure of senior Pilots’ Federation members pledged to him will be sure to disrupt operations significantly. At the time of writing we have no word on who their replacements will be. These events are reminiscent of when Zemina Torval’s Pilots’ Federation auxiliaries announced their resignation en-masse in 3304, also in response to acts of extensive sabotage (although some then reversed their decision in order to pursue a different strategy). Unless something similar happens, this threatens to leave a chaotic leadership vacuum in one of the largest powers, and commentators are concerned about the future stability of the region.


Cmdr Rediskin, who issued the public statement and has been with the power from its inception, granted us an interview. When asked if they would remain in the EG Pilots squadron, the main group of Grom supporters, they replied: 

“Yes, of course. I certainly will, like the other pilots of EGP. Pilots will continue to [fly]. What form will this support take? Depends on the pilots themselves. But I think that EGP are not the only Russian community that can support Yuri Grom in the future.” 


Rediskin mentioned the draining workload required in being leadership of the Power, and they will look forward to spending more time with their families.


Elsewhere, Shadow President Felicia Winters successfully took the system of Albangait. While only modestly profitable, it removes 20 CC from Zemina Torval’s total as the two powers continue to go head-to-head for territory. In response, Torval is expanding to four systems: HIP 35209, Nanabozho, LP 838-16 and LTT 4337. All are deeply unprofitable, but also hurt either Winters or Hudson severely, as well as some minor collateral damage to Denton Patreus and Edmund Mahon. Patreus joins her in the assault, attempting to expand to Moirai, costing him 31 CC and Winters 42 CC.


Princess Aisling Duval is once again trying to expand to Simyr, although since Torval took the nearby system of Dechengh its profitability has plummeted. Successfully expanding here would cost Torval 59 CC and Duval 40 CC. Aisling’s long-term objectives in this region are unclear.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval is meanwhile attempting an expansion to Belgitan to gain a straightforward profit of 6 CC.


Most powers continue to see unprofitable preparations being made by uncoordinated pilots, and will need to prepare a better system themselves in order to avoid these; or do as many have already done and vote to fully consolidate. The one exception appears to be Winters’ preparation of Malgariji, which at current overheads would make a profit of 22 CC.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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