Dictator Yuri Grom’s turmoil in cycle 230 ended, losing the systems of San Guan and Garm — a total income loss of 74 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads. However, the reduced overheads of a smaller power has offset this loss and gives Grom a net gain of 111 CC. On the other hand, the only use for CC is to prepare to expand to new systems, and San Guam and Garm were highly profitable. The profitable system of Frey was also in turmoil but retained by Grom, expending all available CC and forcing all four of Grom’s expansion attempts to fail.


Princess Aisling Duval is again expanding to the system of Wilintae. This system contests 26 CC from Shadow President Felicia Winters, but it also very unprofitable, and will cost Duval 94 CC per cycle — so inevitably there are suspicions of internal sabotage at work. This expansion attempt last happened in cycle 227, and resulted in a comprehensive attack of apathy on both sides, with the expansion failing by a mere 2,500 merits. At the time of writing, merits for expansion have barely reached the minimum threshold, and as opposition merits remain at zero the current lead is a paltry 6,900 merits. Both the local Federation Fighter Pilot bar and the Imperial Cargo Union bar were empty, and SAGI reporters were unable to find anybody for a comment on the situation. Wilintae’s main tourist attraction is the Galaxy’s largest model of a Hutton Orbital Mug — more reporting on that after the break.


Having walked so close to the edge for two cycles, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval finally succumbed to turmoil. While she has four systems close to potential revolt, it appears her forces have carefully managed the turmoil and all are net loss-makers: Caerape (-20 CC), COL 285 Sector QN-T d3-77 (-9 CC), Anganaha (-7 CC), Ngurui (-18 CC). At the time of writing, some strategic fortification suggests she is eager to remain in turmoil and shed these poor performers; and she will be hoping that saboteurs do not stick a spanner in the works of her plans, as they have for other powers that have tried similar carefully-planned ‘self-turmoils’ in the past. While there is an expansion to the lossmaker Murare in progress (a common target of internal sabotage efforts) remaining in turmoil will automatically cause it to fail.


Senator Zemina Torval’s weaponised expansion against Winters in Eitha Di was crushed by 94,000 merits, and she is currently attempting another attack — this time against President Hudson. LHS 184 has very favourable triggers for expansion, and with Torval’s current small size would gain her 28 CC per cycle while costing Hudson 55 CC. The fighting in this system is intense with both sides pushing hard. It is currently too close to call and over 162,000 merits have been earned. Both Federation and Imperial bars are currently emergency field hospitals with medics working furiously to match limbs with torsos. The horror – the horror! This SAGI reporter could very much do with a posting to Wilintae right now.


Felicia Winters is expanding to Diegakul, although with expansion triggers against her and contesting Princess Aisling 112 CC and Emperor Arissa 18 CC per cycle, opposition is expected to be firm. At the time of writing there are some small skirmishes with a total of 22,000 merits from both sides, but opposition remains in a solid lead.


Looking ahead to the next cycle, there have been no substantial moves towards preparation made by any powers. As is increasingly the pattern, powers are executing preparation moves only in the last few days of the cycle, rather than telegraphing their intentions early, so keep your eyes on the GalNet boards!


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