Dictator Yuri Grom’s unprofitable expansion to LTT 9810 failed, as his domain fell into a shallow turmoil. The expansion would have cost 59 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads and contested Grom’s Imperial allies Torval and Aisling for 28 and 20 CC respectively. Only one system has been put at risk by the turmoil, Ts’ai Shai, worth 13 CC at maximum overheads.


Shadow President Felicia Winters saw a significant setback at the end of the previous cycle as three loss-making expansions were completed by saboteurs, burdening her economy by 163 CC at maximum overheads. Offset slightly by her profitable expansion to Velnians, worth 17 CC at maximum overheads, or 43 CC at current, her default deficit now stands at 316 CC.


Simguru Pranav Antal is expanding to San Guan, his first expansion attempt since cycle 190 — nearly a year ago. The system is worth 34 CC to him, even at 179 lightyears from his headquarters in Polevnic. However, his supporters are facing difficult expansion triggers which require them to work 2.7 times harder than the opposition.


Senator Zemina Torval failed her expansion to BD-17 6081, which would have contested Hudson and Kumo for 49 and 29 CC respectively. This cycle, the senator is making another expansion attempt to LHS 184 which would make a 50 CC loss at maximum overheads and contest Hudson for 55 CC.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval failed her profitable expansion to HIP 38747, which was worth 22 CC to her. With only 34,560 expansion merits redeemed and 735,852 more required to overcome the difficult triggers, it’s safe to say that this was nothing more than another ‘safety expansion’ for the Emperor. This cycle, the emperor is repeating her weaponized expansion to L 206-187 which would contest Hudson and Grom for 101 and 6 CC, respectively.


President Zachary Hudson is expanding to Panorua, which would cost him 29 CC and contest Aisling and Torval for 56 and 10 CC, respectively. Triggers are once again difficult, though the president’s forces have the advantage of expanding through combat and therefore being able to hide their expansion activity until the very end of the cycle.


Princess Aisling Duval failed her expansion to Areklici, which has often been attempted by her Imperial colleague Torval. It would have contested Winters by 43 CC at the cost of 109 CC to the Princess’s own economy. With enormously difficult triggers, it was very unlikely to succeed.

SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui failed his expansion to Alexis Centauri, to the delight of the board. The expansion would have cost 25 CC at maximum overheads and was only prepared to prevent worse expansions.


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