Two powers remained in turmoil from last cycle, losing all the systems that had been threatening to revolt, and had a few more systems enter turmoil. However, their situations were very different.


Dictator Yuri Grom lost twelve systems, ranging in profitability from LTT 9795 making 24 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads, down to Horagalles, costing 38 CC per cycle. Because so many of them contested enemy territory, overall these systems were costing Grom 154 CC at maximum overheads, and the extra CC will be most welcome to him. On the other hand, other powers gained a total of 359 CC now that these systems are no longer contesting with them – specifically Zachary Hudson (135 CC), Archon Delaine (126 CC), Felicia Winters (53 CC), Denton Patreus (39 CC), and Edmund Mahon (6 CC).


Grom now has four profitable systems in turmoil, all with high incomes, and at current overheads making a total profit of around 200 CC. He will be keen to try to exit turmoil at the end of the cycle without losing any of them. Some fortification has been done, and with reduced overheads GalNet currently predicts a total of 150 CC without losing any of the systems, but his enemies may be aiming for a significant snipe, which does not appear on GalNet feeds until late in the cycle.


Last cycle Simguru Pranav Antal also remained in turmoil, losing both of the unprofitable systems (HIP 10584 and 114 G. Aquilae) to revolt, and saving 33 CC in the process. The latter also returned 18 CC to Archon Delaine and 11 CC to Zachary Hudson. This cycle, six systems are on the turmoil list, all marginal or unprofitable, and their loss will result in a gain of 42 CC per cycle as well as the decreased overheads from a shrinking power. GalNet predicts that this will indeed happen, and as none of these systems contest income from other powers, this result looks like a well-planned shrink rather than an attack by external forces. However, sixteen profitable systems were undermined, which was likely not carried out by Utopian forces. These sixteen profitable systems were subsequently fortified and a few less profitable systems were left in their undermined state, causing them to be added to the turmoil list instead.


Elsewhere in the galaxy, Shadow President Felicia Winters easily succeeded in expanding to HIP 53719, earning her a profit of 8 CC per cycle at maximum overheads, but failed her expansions to Selkande and Wolf 555 by significant margins. Both were unprofitable weapons, with the first contesting 72 CC of Princess Aisling Duval’s income, and the latter contesting 44 CC of Prime Minister Edmund Mahon’s income.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s weaponised expansion to L 206-187 was easily defeated as expected. It would have cost her 90 CC per cycle, Yuri Grom 6 CC per cycle, and President Hudson 101 CC per cycle, and expansions triggers were unfavourable.


In turn, Hudson’s expansion to Chun Tstar would have cost him 36 CC, cost the Emperor 10 CC, and cost Princess Duval 42 CC. While fighting was intense, with a total of 620 thousand merits earned by both sides, the triggers were against Hudson and the expansion was defeated by 100 thousand merits. Hudson currently has a similar weaponised expansion into Caspatsuria, costing him 36 CC and Duval 55 CC, but triggers remain unfavourable.


Senator Zemina Torval’s weaponised expansion in LHS 184 was defeated fairly easily, and would have cost her 51 CC and Hudson 55 CC. This cycle she has LP 838-16 in expansion, costing her a significant 71 CC, and also costing Denton Patreus 8 CC, Winters 24 CC and Hudson 32 CC. Triggers are fairly even, but at the time of writing the opposition has a strong lead of 70 thousand merits.


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