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Sagittarius Eye Bulletin – Traffic Surge In Empire Systems

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Traffic between the Ngalinn and Mainani systems has rocketed in recent days, as efforts by Aitvas Corp., Ngalinn Jet Natural Incorporated, and several other Empire factions to coordinate secure transactions data in preparation for the end of this tax year have seen the local market saturated with work, Sagittarius Eye heard this morning.

With increases in traffic seeing some stations handle more than one hundred times the regular number of starships, nearly fifteen thousand pilots have passed through the area in the past twenty four hours.
Some commentators have speculated that the sudden enthusiasm to do freelance data courier work for these factions reflects a planned restructure to the Imperial Navy progression system. According to the plans, progression within the Navy will soon require even more goodwill from Empire-affiliated governments.

Local opinion on the sudden influx has been mixed, with some local business owners welcoming the increase in passing customers, whilst others report that the additional traffic is causing significant delays to their services.
All pilots planning journeys to starports in this region are advised to take additional care when navigating the shipping lanes or traversing the docking areas.
This has been a Sagittarius Eye Bulletin.

Date: March 14th 3304
Location: Ngalinn and Mainani
Author: DrNoesis

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