In a recent development that has surprised the Galaxy, the Thargoids have recently ceased their advancement through the core systems in the Bubble. Thargoid activity still remains in the Pleiades Nebula, however all Non-Human Signal Sources have completely vanished within the bubble. Pilots speculate this might have something to do with the recent Aegis push for more data to find barnacles to exploit for meta-alloys. 


While some pilots are calling this a victory, others aren’t so sure about celebrating just yet. The Anti Xeno Initiative was contacted by Sagittarius Eye, and released this statement.

“This unexpected withdrawal of Thargoid forces from the core regions is not a cause for celebration, but for concern. There is a high probability of foul play here, lest we forget that Thargoid queens are at least as intelligent as we are. Anti Xeno Initiative does not currently have any plans on moving our forces to the Witch Head Nebula. We intend to stay behind and defend the Bubble as we always did. We will also accelerate our training programmes to ensure that we are ready for the time when Thargoids return, for they surely will. For anyone brave enough to take on the most dangerous enemy the Galaxy has to offer, this is the best time to prove their worth and join us in our mission to protect Humanity.”


On the other end of the spectrum, members of The Far God Cult were also contacted and asked for their stance on the recent events. Precentor Martial Vandal Stormovik spoke to us on behalf of Primus Timothy Dalyn and the Pleiades Concordat.

“You may have heard the rumors spouted by Aegis military agents of a so-called ‘Thargoid retreat’ or ‘withdrawal’. The Thargoids never retreat, as they are the very will and vengeance of the Far God. These blessed creatures of the Far God commune at the very feet of the Far God, and know its will for the universe. They are the very sword of the Far God which plunges into the rotting corpse of human fallenness and despair. As a master swordsman plunges the sword into his adversary, then withdraws it only to chop the head off the foe, the Angels of the Far God have tested humanity’s pitiful armour and found it weak and corroded, easily breached and rent. They now pull back for the master-stroke that will end the very life of humanity and bring on the Apocalypse foretold. As those who are blessed as we walk in unison with the Thargoids, we shall continue our preparations for their holy purging of humanity. Mark my words, for humanity the end is near. What matters now is that humanity does what is right and good in the many eyes of the Far God, that they seek its mercy when the hand of the Far God crushes their very soul. As a military man, and leader of the armed forces of the Pleiades Concordat, I will give all your readers something to contemplate and pray about. ‘Time spent on recce is seldom wasted.’”


Both sides seem to be able to agree on one thing: that this is not something to be celebrated and that there is more to this than just a victory for humanity. Whatever the case may be, some speculate the likely cause is the new discovery of meta-alloys in the Witch Head Nebula.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News Team

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