In December 3303 Thargoid forces escalated their war against humanity by attacking stations and leaving them severely damaged. In response to this Operation Ida was formed to organise the delivery of materials needed to repair these stations and bring them back online.

Now with only a handful of stations left to repair, the team is planning a final push to finish off the job with an event called The Haul To End It All, and is encouraging all commanders to join in, with prizes available for the top haulers and other associated events going on at the same time.

Commander BlakeA said, “I have a little bit of denial that a 2-3 year project is finally ending. We spent 15 months just in the Pleiades Nebula. The community we have created will still exist thanks to all the relationships that have formed over time. We have many pieces of Ida merchandise that we have stockpiled and now is a great time to be very generous with our prizes.

Commander Red VII – Jester said, “A lot of different players (1100-1200? Not sure of the exact number myself) and groups have taken time to get these stations back online against numerous problems, but through a lot of dedicated haulers, we’ve achieved a daunting goal. Certainly makes the galaxy map look better with no damaged station icons eh?

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