If you want to fly really fast, test your flying skills, or at least want to see what is possible with the venerable Sidewinder, you will be interested to hear that Dreamware, a company always at the forefront of customer entertainment, has formed a partnership with the well-known authority of ship racing, the Buckyball Racing Club.

The Buckyball Racing Club and Dreamwell proudly announce the 3305 edition of The Wiccan Ware Race. Previously known as the Soholia Relieve Memorial Event in Remembrance of the Heroes of the Wiccan Ware, this race has a long history in the Alliance. Taking place from the 11th to the 22nd of January 3305, the Wiccan Ware Race has historically started in the system known as Gateway, with the finish line being in the Alioth system with the additional objective of transporting goods, namely Advanced Medicines and Domestic Appliances.

One of the most interesting aspects of this race is the class system. Each class, Regular and Open, determines the maximum cost and eligible modules that may be equipped in the ship, whilst the ship type itself determines the amount of Advanced Medicines that each racer must carry to the Soholia system. In the Open class the Sidewinder must carry 12 tonnes; the rest of the ships 16. Guardian technology such as FSD Boosters are only allowed in the Open class.

For more information, please search the Galactic Forums for “Wiccan Ware Race 3305”.

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