The Fuel Rats have reported that a new case has popped up in the galaxy of another commander who has lost fuel and is in need of rescue. The only factor that makes this journey different from the others, is the distance of the stranded pilot from the system’s main star.

The commander in trouble is commander Deluvian Reyes Cruz. His reasoning for being out so far is to break the record of the longest distance from Sol. He at last completed his super cruise journey and beat the record with a total distance of 65,788 Light Years away from Sol. As soon as he beat it and was about to make the jump out of the system, however, he noticed he was out of fuel.

Five rats have been dispatched to save this poor explorer who wandered one hundred forty-one Light Years away from the main star of the system. The journey to make it to this pilot will take approximately 25 days from the main star. The rescue should come to a conclusion on the sixth of February, 3305. The rescue team consists of Commanders Highwaywarrior, Veristhea, Idianeira, Numerlor and Falcon JSDF.


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