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Fleet Carriers heading our way

The Pilots’ Federation has announced a new tool to be made available to independent pilots across the Galaxy later this year.    Fleet Carriers will be a new type of capital ship that pilots can purchase. These vessels can serve a wide variety of functions including mining, exploration, bounty hunting,…
Sagittarius Eye
August 23, 3305

Witch Head stations left unrepaired

Operation Ida, the community of volunteer ‘firefighters’ who make it their mission to repair stations damaged by Thargoid attacks, have announced that they will not be attempting to repair the stations in the Witch Head Nebula.    Operation Ida are a group of Pilots’ Federation haulers and traders who carry…
Sagittarius Eye
August 7, 3305

Fuel Rats hit 60,000 rescues

On the 4th of July 3305, representatives from the Fuel Rats announced that they have completed 60,000 rescues of stranded Pilots’ Federation commanders. This 60,000th rescue was carried out by Cmdr NivisOwl.    This is just the latest in a series of milestones the Fuel Rats have accomplished since their…
Sagittarius Eye
July 12, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye CG smashes Tier 2 on first day

Sagittarius Eye’s public construction appeal has achieved the second tier of its target within the first day of going live.   McMullen Ring, the delivery point for the appeal, has seen an overwhelming increase in traffic over the past twelve hours. Colin O'Leary, the softly-spoken traffic controller at the Coriolis…
Sagittarius Eye
June 7, 3305

Fuel Rat’s Rangy Rescue

The Fuel Rats have reported that a new case has popped up in the galaxy of another commander who has lost fuel and is in need of rescue. The only factor that makes this journey different from the others, is the distance of the stranded pilot from the system’s main…
Sagittarius Eye
January 22, 3305

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