Operation Ida, the community of volunteer ‘firefighters’ who make it their mission to repair stations damaged by Thargoid attacks, have announced that they will not be attempting to repair the stations in the Witch Head Nebula


Operation Ida are a group of Pilots’ Federation haulers and traders who carry the commodities needed for starport repairs sometimes hundreds of light years to where they’re needed. Over the last couple of years they have repaired over 50 stations


They allege that widespread corruption by station officials results in as much as 30% of the materials delivered to starports being siphoned off and not reaching the construction teams intended. They suggest that this graft has been endemic since the start of the Thargoid war. 


Commander JaggedMallard, a lead coordinator with Operation Ida, said:

“At Operation Ida, we keep detailed logs of actual deliveries and record repair requirements from Galnet twice a day for our active target and have logged hundreds of thousands of tons of missing deliveries since we started logging deliveries nearly a year ago.”


The Witch Head Nebula is nearly 900 light years from Sol. Shipping construction materials there would be a challenge in normal circumstances — in the context of the corruption allegations, Operation Ida leadership have decided that it is not worth their pilots’ time or credits.


This has not stopped some independent pilots from attempting to haul repair commodities to the Witch Head themselves, but it is thought that, without Ida’s expertise and manpower, the stations in the new ‘enclave’ will remain out of action for much longer than they otherwise would. 


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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