Members of the Distant Worlds 3305 expedition departed Goliath’s Rest (and its ‘Lower’ counterpart, 420 light years below) last Sunday. Those still exploring between WP7 and WP8 are encouraged to reach either of the WP8 systems before moving on.

Regarding Waypoint 9, organisers informed the community that “Cerulean Tranquility is a neutron star primary. The basecamp world has long periods of darkness. Using night vision during landing and take off operations is advised. Sunrise at the Tranquility Valley landing zone is approximately every 25 hours, 20 minutes.“

The trip between Waypoints 8 and 9 is around 5,167ly. Along the way pilots may visit renowned sights such as Iris’ Missive (with its beautiful views of a black hole next to a green and blue planetary nebula) the Blue Rhapsody, the Forgotten Twins (a double nebula discovered during Distant Worlds 3302) and Dances with Giants.

In barely a month the expedition will reach Beagle Point. Waypoint 12 will mark the end of the ‘outbound’ stage, which will be followed by the voyage home back to the Bubble.

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