Commanders Aranionros Stormrage and Blake Nelsen of the Anti Xeno Initiative (AXI) are organizing an offensive against the Thargoids in the Cegreeth system. Pilots interested in joining should contact Cmdr Blake to be incorporated in their private comms group.


The fight is planned to begin at 16.00 hours today (the 27th) and every member of the Pilots Federation is invited to participate.


The HAND, another renowned group of Thargoid-hunters, are planning a concurrent offensive in the system as well. A spokesperson from HAND said:

“We plan to have Cegreeth back in the hands of its inhabitants come Thursday at which point, if successful, the HAND will pack up our gear and ship our supplies and fighters to the next system. We would like to take this opportunity to implore system defence units to allow us to do our job and cease interdicting our Galaxy defence vessels as our 2kly RTB trips are lengthy enough.”


We asked what challenges the defence of Cegreeth present.

“Cegreeth is a taxing system to hunt in as the 2Kly trip to the zone makes rearming very stressful! I believe at our high point we’ve had five Corvettes, a couple [of] FDLs and a Gunship with us, taken down… I believe we have dispatched two or three Medusas, easily five Basilisks, ten Cyclops’ so far? We are not entirely sure on the kill count side of things but we are committed to clearing the system so we can move to more favourable hunting grounds for Hydra hunting! We’ve definitely had to be extra tactical in this system as the distance for [rearming] adds a challenge.”


Hopes are high that, come Thursday evening, the aliens will have been driven out of Cegreeth.


UPDATE: We have learned that Cegreeth has already been successfully cleared of Thargoids. Congratulations, commanders!


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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