Organisers of the much-anticipated Distant Worlds 2 Expedition have today appealed to pilots to scout for waypoints along the route.

Commander Erimus Kamzel, who along with old comrade Dr. Kaii led the legendary first Distant Worlds Expedition in 3302, is looking for explorers to fly ahead and find spectacular or interesting sites for the DW2 Expedition to visit when the voyage begins in late 3304.

Explorers have between April 1st and September 1st to submit their locations, and with 2,267 pilots signed up to the expedition already, it is hoped that some truly spectacular spots are suggested.

Erimus outlined what the DW2 organisers are looking for, including features such as landable planets within nebulae or geologically active worlds.

Interest in submitting proposals is thought to be very high, and competition to have waypoints chosen will be undoubtedly fierce, as only around 15-20 will be chosen out of the flood of entries.

DW2 is likely to be the largest expedition in terms of participants in history, and is certain to inspire and excite not only the veterans of the first Distant Worlds, but a new generation of explorers and dreamers.

Reported by Whitmann

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