Distant Worlds heading to Morphenniel Nebula

Distant Worlds heading to Morphenniel Nebula
April 3, 3305 Sagittarius Eye

The participants of Distant Worlds 2 departed Cerulean Tranquility on Sunday and are now en route to their next waypoint, the Morphenniel Nebula.


The waypoint is in Bleethuae NI-B D674, on the surface of the planet 2 D A, at the coordinates -28.177 / -117.98 (Biological Site #1). The gravity on this planet is 0.5G.


Commanders are also advised that a massive permit-blocked sector lies before the Morphenniel Nebula, and they will need to plot routes around it.


Some interesting spots to stop by on the way to this waypoint are The Zinnia Haze, the Hydrangea Nebula, Magnus Nebula, and Neighboring Necklaces.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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