After a tremendous battle with saboteurs to prepare Frey last week, Dictator Yuri Grom looks poised to take the system. Frey, recently lost by President Hudson, will bolster the Dictator’s balance by 52 command capital (CC). His forces are benefiting in the expansion phase from favourable local governments, installed well prior by Hudson’s Federal Republican Command. Grom has consolidated his preparations.

CEO Li Yong-Rui is preparing HIP 23395. While a successful expansion here will increase Sirius Gov’s overheads, the system is profitable at 22 CC.

President Zachary Hudson’s expansion in Inovandar is being heavily opposed. With roughly even triggers, the fighting has been severe and very close. Inovandar is an attempt to restore previously-lost territory and is worth 52 CC in profit.

Admiral Patreus has spent over 750 million credits shipping marked military arms to Shokondii. This system exploits the former Capo sphere, as well as Yam, a system recently lost by Winters, and also blocks AF Leporis which both Patreus and Senator Zemina Torval have made attempts to control. This region has been the centre of many expensive conflicts over the last four years, and a recent attempt by Patreus to claim it failed narrowly.

After an early but uncoordinated push into Yam, now swallowed by Admiral Patreus’ preparation of Shokondii, Shadow President Winters is on track to prepare Skardee. It heavily contests three Imperial powers by a total of 59 CC, while earning 27 CC with overheads adjusted to maximum. Three of the four systems currently in expansion for Winters would be highly damaging to her economy, and there are strong suspicions of sabotage behind them, but all look likely to expand successfully.

Princess Aisling Duval has a huge lead in her expansion into another ex-Winters system of Kherthaje, which will make her 20 CC. At the time of writing her lead prep is the abysmal HIP 1572 — likely the work of saboteurs — but close behind is the far more profitable Antliae Sector CQ-Y b3 and it seems likely this is her intended target.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has good triggers and a large lead in his expansion attempt to the former Winters system of Crowfor, and it will earn him a very impressive 68 CC.

Archon Delaine‘s Kumo Crew has yet again prepared Atata, which contests Dictator Grom heavily. This system has seen countless battles over the last two years.

At the time of writing, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Senator Zemina Torval and President Zachary Hudson all have no significant preparations in progress, and it is likely they are either waiting to make a late fast effort or are aiming to fully consolidate this cycle. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Simguru Pranav Antal’s Utopians have already fully consolidated.


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