Distant Worlds Resource Initiative

Distant Worlds Resource Initiative
March 8, 3305 Sagittarius Eye

The second Community Goal, to outfit Explorer’s Anchorage in the galactic core, is now active.

After the first CG, a station shell was established in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 near Sagittarius A*. This shell had only minimal services such as docking and refueling, but now has outfitting with a full supply of mining equipment. Commanders are asked to mine and deliver bauxite, water, and liquid oxygen to the station so that more services may be made available. Pilots who are more combat-oriented are requested to assist system security by eliminating pirates and handing in bounty vouchers to Explorer’s Anchorage.


The nearest hotspots for the requested materials are around the following planets: Stuemeae GG-Y C893 5 for water; Juenae AJ-C C2-1813 A2 for bauxite; and Juenae BC-B D1-8970 for liquid oxygen.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News Team

Cover image by CMDR HerrArado

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