These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.

The Pilots Federation has managed to clear Ngun and Wyrd of hostile aliens and so prevent further incursion in those systems. In addition, Thargoid incursions were successfully repelled in systems Camulus and Coriccha. Congratulations, commanders!

Currently, thirteen starbases are in need of evacuation:

Aulin Enterprise in Aulin
Davies City in Devane
Cassini City in HIP 8830
Brand Hub in HIP 24046
Karachkina Orbital in HIP 9141
Hayashi Orbital in HIP 9141
Sugano Ring in Witou
Maitz Port in HIP 10492
Comper Dock in Tangua
Truman Hub in Eskite
Wenzel Terminal in Kambo
Fabian Terminal in Badbadzist
Nilson Port in Mike


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted this week: Mbutas, Domoth, LTT 617, Brib (which so far has not shown any non-human signal sources), Aganippe and Ross 1057. If Thargoid Scouts are seen in these systems, they should be destroyed to prevent the systems falling into incursion.

There are nineteen systems suffering Thargoid incursion:

Massive Presence: HIP 12779, Aulin, Mike, Tangua, Priviatem, Devane, Witou
Significant Presence: Agartha, HIP 8830, HIP 9141, Kambo, Badbadzist, Eskite
Moderate Presence: HIP 4024
Marginal Presence: HIP 10492, HIP 24046, LP 734-32, Veja Deng, Songbe

Suitably-equipped commanders are encouraged to head to those.


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