These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


Following last week’s retreat to the Pleiades, the territorial Thargoids have struck back, this time attacking without warning in the newly established Witch Head Nebula.


Currently, six starbases are in need of evacuation: 

Hanna Enterprise Witch Head Sector DL-Y d17

Ezra Point Witch Head Sector LC-V c2-10

Sherrill Orbital –  Witch Head Sector HW-W c1-9

Cann Relay –  Witch Head Sector GW-W c1-4

Karian Vision – Witch Head Sector FB-X c1-11

Tsao Prospect – Witch Head Sector HW-W c1-7


There are no shipyards within the nebula, the closest being the Orion Nebula Tourist Centre in PMD2009 48. Aegis have deployed their megaships to the Witch Head Nebula and offer outfitting, remote workshop, rearm, refuel and repair.


The Eagle Eye early warning system has yet again failed to predict the Thargoid attacks, and at the time of writing is broadcasting the message “No Activity Detected”.

All six previously mentioned systems are suffering from Thargoid Incursion.


Suitably-equipped commanders are encouraged to head to these locations.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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