These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


Of the systems identified as Thargoid targets by Aegis’ Eagle Eye network last week, Cegreeth, HIP 9141 and 61 Virginis have all fallen into incursion. Pilots Federation forces were unable to repel the waves of Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors in those systems, and they have since become Thargoid battlegrounds.


However, several systems identified by Eagle Eye last week have again been marked for attention this week. Turbacobo, Ross 490 and (oddly, as it is already in incursion) 61 Virginis yet again feature in the list of target systems, as well as new targets HIP 8830, HIP 12779 and Agartha. Pilots equipped for anti-xeno defence are encouraged to head to those systems to engage the Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors.


On the day after this report released, three Eagle Eye installations changed their targeted systems, the new targets are:

LP 734-32




There is some good news: Tangua, identified last week as a potential target, has been successfully cleared of Scouts and Interceptors, preventing a Thargoid incursion. Pilots Federation forces have also prevailed against the aliens in Anca, saving the inhabitants of Hogg Platform.


Operation Ida, the Pilots Federation initiative to repair damaged stations, report that they have brought Artemis Lodge in Celaeno back online. They are now focusing their attention on Copernicus Observatory in Asterope, the last station in the Pleiades requiring repair after Thargoid attack.


The following systems remain Thargoid battlegrounds:


HIP 10492



HIP 4024

Ross 695 – has since been cleared of incursion

HIP 24046

Veja Deng





61 Virginis


Pilots looking to defend human space are encouraged to head to conflict zones within these.


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