These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


The Pilots Federation managed to clear the Thargoids from in Ross 695, Orang, 61 Virginis, and Cegreeth. However HIP 12779, HIP 8830, Privatek, Agartha and Coriccha remain Thargoid battlegrounds.


Operation Ida is working to repair the Levi-Civita Dock in the HIP 21167 system. GalNet publishes a list of commodities that the station requires to be fully repaired.


Currently, sixteen starbases are in need of evacuation:

Wilhelm Gateway in Priviatem

Comper Dock in Tangua

Enoch Port in Agartha

Fabian Terminal in Badbadzist

Franklin Ring in LP 734-32

Gaultier de Varennes Settlement in Camulus

Hayashi Orbital in HIP 9141

Leberecht Tempel Hub in HIP 4024

Miyasaka Port in HIP 8830

Precourt City in Songbe

Rechtin Vision in HIP 12779

Roosa Terminal in Veja Deng

Schirra Dock in Coriccha

Somerville Port in HIP 10492

Truman Hub in Eskite

Wenzel Terminal in Kambo

Brand Hub in HIP 24046


Each of these is still a Thargoid warzone, with anti xeno conflict zones throughout the systems. Suitably-equipped pilots are encouraged to head to those to help repel the invading aliens.


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted for future incursion this week: Witou (see below), Devane, Mike, Ngun, Aulin and Wyrd. Pilots looking to prevent further Thargoid incursions into human space should head to those.


Cannon’s Operation Indi Croft is underway in Witou, which is a scientific, non-combat operation. Scientists are using Guardian relics to see whether Thargoid attacks on stations can be prevented. Avoid combating Thargoids there to prevent disrupting their work.


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