Front lines report

Front lines report
April 17, 3305 Sagittarius Eye

These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


An abnormal situation has been reported: Last week’s Eagle-Eye discovered targets have NOT been attacked, but still Non-Human Signals are being detected. Additionally, Aulin, LP 734-32, Mbutas and HIP 8830  have been cleared of Thargoids. Kudos to commanders that helped.


Currently, eleven starbases are in need of evacuation:

Enoch Port in Agartha

Nilson Port in Mike

Leberecht Tempel Hub in HIP 4024

Perrine Station in HIP 8830

Jean Terminal in HIP 9141

Watanabe Station in HIP 10492

Rechtin Vision in HIP 12779

Resnik Dock in HIP 24046

Wenzel Terminal in Kambo

Comper Dock in Tangua

Roosa Terminal in Veja Deng


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted this week: HIP 12605, Hau Ku, Gliese 58, HIP 17298, GD 140 and OU Geminorum. If Thargoid Scouts are seen in these systems, they should be destroyed to prevent the systems falling into incursion.


There are seventeen systems suffering Thargoid incursion:

Massive Presence: HIP 12779, Mike, Priviatem, Witou

Significant Presence: HIP 9141, Tangua, Kambo, Badbadzist, Devane, Eskite

Moderate Presence: HIP 4024, Agartha,

Marginal Presence: HIP 8830, HIP 10492, HIP 24046, Veja Deng, Songbe


Suitably-equipped commanders are encouraged to head to these locations.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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