Prime Minister Edmund Mahon continued to maintain a strong position last week, preparing Harima — a profitable expansion recently controlled by Shadow President Winters via Kaline. While the Prime Minister’s forces had no opportunity to take an expansion last week, they were able to prevent contestation of his domain by President Hudson’s expansion in Nurundere.

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s attempts to secure territory lost by Winters in Operation Valentine continue to struggle. Her combat pilots were defeated in HIP 38747. However, her logisticians have once again prepared Simyr.

With no expansion last week, Princess Aisling Duval’s pilots focused their capacity on Perktomen, preparing this contested region for another expansion attempt. It will be the Princess’s second after a defeat in Cycle 201, and success for her forces will close the door on the Alliance’s attempts to claim the sphere as their own.

Admiral Denton Patreus did not have an expansion last week, but prepared a weaponized expansion, LP 838-16, which threatens to contest a number of systems exploited by the Federal powers.

Dictator Yuri Grom‘s forces were unable to detect and defend against an attack by the Federal United Command, resulting in a deep turmoil with five control systems attempting to revolt. His pilots consolidated last week after seeing over 150,000 tons of preparation materials moved to BD-10 5238, a highly undesirable system for the Dictator’s EG Union. Only one other system received any tonnage on behalf of Grom —and only 500 tons were delivered.

Utopians under Simguru Pranav Antal had no expansion last week, and chose to consolidate.


Despite a strong effort, President Hudson failed to expand to Nurundere in the face of significant opposition from ZYADA and the Alliance. However, Federal United Command forces were able to successfully put the Dictator Grom’s Euryale Gaia Union into turmoil, and successfully prepared 14 Geminorum, a profitable system.

Shadow President Winters achieved victory in BD-10 5238, but, despite moving a significant amount of Federal Liberal Propaganda, consolidated. The Shadow President’s Federal Liberal Command continues to fight for control over their power’s chosen expansion targets.

SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui also consolidated last week, a sign that saboteurs may have left the independent power for good. After finding and securing worthwhile gains as a result of Operation Valentine, Sirius is likely to shift back into a period of quiet alongside fellow independent Pranav Antal.

Senator Zemina Torval had no expansion last cycle, but was able to prepare Hiradhea. Hiradhea is an highly-threatening weaponized expansion which, if successful, will penalize the Shadow President’s recent victory in Skardee.

Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew has once again prepared Atata. This system’s eight million inhabitants have surely suffered more than any other population in inhabited space, their system the site of perhaps dozens of battles between the Archon and Dictator Grom in the last two years.


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