The Pilots Federation has announced that on April 23rd, 3305 two new pieces of technology for space pilots will become available for purchase: Advanced Docking Computer, and Supercruise Assist modules. In fact, the Advanced Docking Computer module will be equipped by default on all new purchases of Small-Pad ships.

In particular, the ADC will enable not only to dock at Stations and Outposts as the Standard Docking Computer already facilitates, but will also offer launch-time assistance to exit a station, which will come in handy for new pilots as well as veterans flying specialized ships such as the Type-9, Type-10, Anaconda, Imperial Cutter or Federal Corvette.

In regards to the Supercruise Assist module, it will unload some burden from pilots, allowing for better multi-tasking. Pilots only need to indicate their destination, and the SA will maintain correct course and speed for a proper approach, even automating dropping out of Supercruise. Additionally, it enables orbiting around a stellar body with ease.

New pilots will find these modules particularly useful in easing up some of the most difficult, yet basic, tasks of space travel.


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