These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


The Pilots Federation has managed to defend Opila, an important system with four orbital stations and several outposts and ports, from incursion by the aliens. It has a population of 3.3 billion and is currently under Li Yong-Rui’s control.


In addition, Thargoid incursions were successfully repelled in four systems: Padhyas, Aspina, LP 734-32, and CD-54 471, after heroic efforts by Pilots Federation forces.


The other systems targeted by Eagle Eye the week before last were not so lucky. Kambo, HIP 10492, HIP 4024, Orang and Ross 695 have all fallen into incursion. Several starpoints in those systems have been badly damaged.


Currently, thirteen starbases are in need of evacuation:


Reznik Dock in HIP 24046

Precourt City in Songbe

Fabian Terminal in Badbadzist

Truman Hub in Eskite

Roosa Terminal in Veja Deng

Gaultier de Varennes Settlement in Camulus

Hamuy Port in Apishna

Hogg Platform in Anca

Leberecht Tempel Hub in HIP 4024

Watanabe Station in HIP 10492

Bresnik Orbital in Ross 695

Wenzel Terminal in Kambo

Dilworth City in Orang


Members of Operation IDA have rushed to repair the burning starports, and some days an impressive 80,000 tonnes have been delivered.


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted this week: Tangua, HIP 9141 (again), Turbacobo, Cegreeth, 61 Virginis, and Ross 490. Pilots looking to prevent further Thargoid incursions into human space should head to those.


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