Posts tagged with ‘Anti-Xeno Initiative’

  • Combat

    Anti xeno push in Cegreeth

    Commanders Aranionros Stormrage and Blake Nelsen of the Anti Xeno Initiative (AXI) are organizing an offensive against the Thargoids in…

  • Combat

    Future bright in Orang as three systems cleared of Thargoids

    Pilots Federation forces have successfully repelled the Thargoids from 61 Virginis, Ross 695 and Orang this week, in a wave…

  • Invasions

    Front lines report

    These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.   The Pilots Federation has managed to defend Opila, an important…

  • Thargoids

    Thargoids Running Rampant

    As the Distant Worlds 2 expedition travels farther away from the Bubble, Thargoid hostilities are escalating. This week, an unprecedented…

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