The Fuel Rats, the galaxy’s premiere roadside assistance service, are about to hit the incredible milestone of 100,000 rescues completed. As such they’re organising a poster contest and encouraging artistically-minded pilots to create something to commemorate the event. 


Fuel Rats manifesto

The Fuel Rats were founded in 3301 by Surly Badger and have grown to be one of the galaxy’s most famous institutions. Their mission is to deliver fuel to stricken commanders who find themselves short, anywhere in the galaxy.

To mark reaching their 100,000th rescue, the Rats are encouraging artists and designers to submit their designs for a poster commemorating the event. The Fuel Rats Artists Collective‘s board will judge the entrants based on several parameters: for example, how well it works as an event poster, artistic merit, or effort put in.


The Pilots’ Federation have promised a reward of a flightstick and throttle combo for the winner. Runners-up will also receive prizes.

The deadline for submissions will be December 24th or the day that the Fuel Rats complete their 100,000th rescue — whichever comes first. 


Uvelius Sång of the Fuel Rats told Sagittarius Eye:



More details, submission guidelines, and submission contact details can be found here.


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