The Buckyball Racing Club has announced a new race, in association with Sagittarius Eye.


Hot Off The Press is a time trial event in which participants must attempt to capture images at a series of prescribed photo opportunities in as short a time as possible. The starting point is Sagittarius Eye’s home base, the Print Works in Millese. Full details can be found in the August 3305 issue of Sagittarius Eye.


Alec Turner, organiser of the event, joked:

“This is very exciting … god, I hope it doesn’t actually attract too much interest or I’ll be spending all week judging hundreds of screenshots and updating the scoreboard!”


The race will run until 23:59 UTC on Sunday 25th August 3305. Interested pilots should go to the “Hot Off The Press” thread on the Pilots’ Federation forum.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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