The news and video producers the Buur Pit are organising an expedition. Named ‘The Pit Trip – A Grand Adventure!’, it is an event aimed at commanders of all skill and progress levels. Participants are required to use any small ship of their choice, and taking an SRV is recommended as several events involving these are planned.

The trip will take participants up to one thousand light years outside of the Bubble. This is to enable commanders with no or limited access to engineers to participate as well. 

The adventure is scheduled in weekly events designed to work as day trips with no need to stay outside the Bubble for long. Meetups will be every weekend with sightseeing and other activities. On top of the planned meet-ups optional waypoints that may be of interest to participants are included as well.

Launch date is Sunday, 29th September 3305.

Interested commanders are encouraged to visit the Buur Pit Discord server for further information and the possibility to register for the trip.


Participants are also welcome to bring cake and tea to the meetings at the waypoints to help make this a memorable and fun event for all participants!


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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