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Public comms, April 3307

Hello commanders!   We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sagittarius Eye Magazine will be returning to the Elite galaxy later this month. Our next issue, #35, will release on PDF and podcast on Friday 23rd April.   Since we took a breather last year our team has enjoyed some…
Sagittarius Eye
April 16, 3307
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Release pattern changes at Sagittarius Eye

Hi everyone After a lengthy ‘consultation’ phase of discussions and navel-gazing, we’ve decided to change how we release our content.  For the first two years (24 issues), we released our magazine monthly. This period (late 2017 to late 2019) was an exciting time for Elite Dangerous, with lots of new…
Sagittarius Eye
September 7, 3306
Cmdrs EventExploration

Hot Off The Press – Results

The Buckyball Racing Club's most recent event "Hot Off The Press" (run in association with Sagittarius Eye magazine), is now over and has been declared a huge success. In total 15 separate commanders took part in this photojournalistic race which involved collecting evidence for six separate assignments. Although travelling quickly…
Sagittarius Eye
August 28, 3305
Cmdrs Event

Hot Off The Press

The Buckyball Racing Club has announced a new race, in association with Sagittarius Eye.   Hot Off The Press is a time trial event in which participants must attempt to capture images at a series of prescribed photo opportunities in as short a time as possible. The starting point is…
Sagittarius Eye
August 16, 3305
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Kongga Ale Delivery to The Print Works

Wonderful news for Sagittarius Eye’s employees: twenty-four tonnes of Kongga Ale have been delivered to The Print Works, our new asteroid-based headquarters in the Millese system. Commander Kron Twelve, a representative of the Southern Cross High Guard, personally delivered the aforementioned spirits on 14th of June, 3305. “Having made sure…
Sagittarius Eye
June 28, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye CG smashes Tier 2 on first day

Sagittarius Eye’s public construction appeal has achieved the second tier of its target within the first day of going live.   McMullen Ring, the delivery point for the appeal, has seen an overwhelming increase in traffic over the past twelve hours. Colin O'Leary, the softly-spoken traffic controller at the Coriolis…
Sagittarius Eye
June 7, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye Community Goal

Ten months after the loss of editor Rasudin in Alchemy Den's attack on Lave Station, Sagittarius Eye is preparing to build a new printing facility in Millese.   Those who have followed the media group over the last year will be familiar with their struggles to find a permanent home.…
Sagittarius Eye
June 5, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye moves to new headquarters

Sagittarius Eye has gained a controlling interest in its first orbital starport.   In January this year, the media cooperative secured a lease at McMullen Ring in the Millese system, after several months spent publishing their well-known magazine from the cargo hold of a Type-10 Defender on loan from the…
Sagittarius Eye
March 13, 3305

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