Operation IDA are well known as one of the major groups behind bringing starports damaged by Thargoids back into working order. Many traders and long-range haulage groups, such as the Hutton Orbital Truckers, have joined the operation since Fett_Li initially started the project with just a handful of supporters.

One such group, IPX Team IDA, are organising a “Big IPX Easter Convoy” tomorrow (Sunday) at 16:00 Galactic Standard Time to boost the repair operation to Cyllene Orbital, the latest target of Operation IDA’s repair efforts.

Commander Allcrowsareblack spoke to Sagittarius Eye about Operation IDA and the upcoming convoy:

“To return hope to the [Pleiades] region, and in an attempt to keep pace with the destruction wrought by the Thargoid advance, a dedicated group of Commanders have put their Pilots Federation careers to one side to supply the commodities required to repair the damaged stations; this is Operation IDA. So far, four stations have been repaired and efforts are now being directed at resupplying Cyllene Orbital in the Atlas system.

Each damaged starport required many hundreds of thousands of tons of commodities to bring them back on line. With the ancient holiday of Easter upon us, it was felt that independent pilots may have a little time away from their busy careers that they may wish to use to the benefit of the wider galactic community – and make a little profit…

With that in mind, Interplanetary Explorations (IPX), a small group of freelance pilots dedicated to enhancing the lives of Commanders throughout the galaxy, will be leading a convoy which is open to any pilots with any flight control system to join. IPX’s Team IDA will be running materials for most of the day, but the convoy proper begins at 16:00 and will continue for as long as we have the energy to fly.

We look forward to trucking with you o7”

The IPX Big Easter Convoy will be coordinated from the Operation IDA comms channels, where all the information on the commodities needed, volumes, and trade routes may also be found.




Reported by Louis Calvert

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