An ambitious new expedition has been announced.


The Pegasus Run of 3305 was announced by Commander SGT-Stubby on the 4th of June 3305 on the Pilots’ Federation’s forums.


The expedition is set to begin in the Bubble and circumnavigate the entire Galaxy over a period of roughly six months. Waypoints will be set along the course of the journey at intervals of approximately 10,000 light years, and will be mainly driven by the participants themselves.


The expedition isn’t aimed at casual pilots who haven’t ventured far out of the Bubble, but has been devised with experienced high-ranking explorers in mind. Pilots intending to take part are warned that the majority of the journey will have no inhabited systems nearby.


“This expedition is about finding what is out there, and is not meant to be a guided tour of the outer rim for the casual explorer,” said SGT-Stubby.


The start date of this expedition is still to be announced.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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