Ten months after the loss of editor Rasudin in Alchemy Den‘s attack on Lave Station, Sagittarius Eye is preparing to build a new printing facility in Millese.


Those who have followed the media group over the last year will be familiar with their struggles to find a permanent home. After months spent broadcasting the news from a loaned Type-10 Defender, since early this year they have been based in the Millese system.


However, SAGi’s requirements have outstripped available space in Lee Gateway and McMullen Ring, and the need for a dedicated, bespoke production facility is clear. An asteroid in the belt around Millese itself has been identified as a candidate for rapid construction of a new station.


“We’ve found the asteroid, and we’ve hollowed it out using mining lasers. That bit took ages. Now we need to build the Printworks inside it,” commented a member of staff.


Sagittarius Eye has put the call out to independent pilots to help them with construction — even going so far as to publish their appeal on GalNet, their arch rival, as well as promising enormous sums of money in return.


Commanders interested in supporting independent, commander-driven journalism can support the construction of The Printworks by delivering cobalt, titanium, and tantalum to McMullen Ring in Millese during the week commencing Thursday 6th June.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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