The galaxy’s corporate interests, acting through the Pilots Federation, have reached out to the galaxy’s talented Commanders for assistance in promoting their brand. Interested Commanders are invited to submit as many images as they like to be turned into holographic adverts.

A team of specialists will decide on a number of winners, whose submissions will be seen on holo-screens all over civilized space. Participants should remember to format their submission properly for display on a holo-screen. The Pilots Federation has released extensive guidelines for what to submit and how to submit it.

Suggested topics include: “exploration, Superpower propaganda, brands, and galaxy-wide initiatives.” While the galaxy’s corporations would doubtless be enthusiastic about Commanders who endorse their brand, participants are invited to submit holo-images with any relevant subject they desire, including those depicting stories from past history and space vessels no longer in service. While the competition has some criteria as to subject matter, these rules are flexible, and anyone with a good idea is invited to submit it for review.

The submission period will last for just over a month from today, the 13th of April, 3304, to the 15th of May, 3304.


Reported by Rasudin

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