The space-faring community has a consistent interest in organizing expeditions, but today we bring news of a more focused expedition on the surface of Kumay, a rocky planet in the Chi Herculis system, 51.83 light years from Sol.

“The plan is for a group of adventurous commanders (around twenty at the last count) to loosely circumnavigate this world in their SRVs. I say loosely because, unlike many other circumnavigations, the plan on this expedition is to choose a slightly less direct route around the world which will take in some of the many wondrous sights to behold,” said Cmdr Alec Turner, organizer of The First Great Planetary Expedition, when introducing this event to the community.

With more than twenty locations already in the points of interest database, and considering Kumay has a 0.2 day orbital period, a 3,801 km circumference and the big earth-like world Apasam right up there in the sky, this will make an enjoyable expedition for the two dozen or so commanders that have already signed up.

The amount of valleys, canyons, peaks and rough pathways will ensure a varied and interesting journey.

Alec Turner has been planning this planetary excursion for some time now: “Finally I really feel like it’s time to make this happen. I appreciate that a lot of people are off on Distant Worlds 2 but I really can’t wait the better part of year before doing this, so advance apologies to those of you on your way across the galaxy who won’t be able to take part.”

The planning team has done a wonderful job of scouting POIs, and Cmdr Nick Sticks rose to the occasion by setting up a 3D map of them. They include a number of geological sites, a planetary base known as Bridger Town, and O’Donnell Settlement.

We wish all participants good luck and safe driving!


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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