The close of Cycle 200 saw the Galaxy’s powers continuing to compete for territory lost recently by the President and Shadow President.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon successfully expanded into Crowfor, one of Shadow President Felicia Winters’ lost systems, after seeing minimal resistance. His forces did not prepare an expansion for Cycle 201.

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval‘s commanders opted late Wednesday not to consolidate, instead preparing Simyr for expansion. This will be her forces’ third attempt to expand to this system, formerly controlled by the Shadow President.

Princess Aisling Duval secured Kherthaje and managed to overcome saboteurs to successfully prepare Antliae Sector CQ-Y b3.

The EG Union, led by Dictator Yuri Grom, seized Frey from President Hudson as expected, and has no expansion this week.


Admiral Patreus‘ forces were able to prepare Shokondii early in Cycle 200 and are in expansion there, attempting to assert dominance over the former Capo/Yam region.

President Hudson’s Federal Republican Command narrowly failed to regain control of Inovandar and were able to prepare Kanus, where heavy fighting is expected.

Simguru Pranav Antal’s Utopians neither fought for nor prepared an expansion in Cycle 200.

Senator Zemina Torval’s logisticians were able to prepare a spate of weaponized expansions late in the cycle, further threatening the Shadow President’s economy.

Shadow President Felicia Winters was unable to prevent special interests from expanding into three loss-making control systems, but was able to succeed in Ongondage. Her Federal Liberal Command was able to prevent those same special interests from causing further damage in Cycle 201, successfully preparing Skardee, a weaponized expansion threatening three Imperial powers.

SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui prepared HIP 23395, a rare profitable opportunity for his corporation.

Despite a late struggle to limit consolidation votes, Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew was able to prepare Atata as intended. Atata is the only expansion in Cycle 201 that was not prepared as a direct result of ZYADA’s offensives against the Federation.


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