Prime Minister Edmund Mahon neither had nor prepared an expansion during Cycle 201. However, weeks after failing to claim Perktomen, his forces successfully opposed Princess Aisling Duval’s attempt to claim the region.

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval‘s forces were unable to secure Simyr in the face of significant opposition, underscoring that despite the Federation’s reduced territory, they remain a serious fighting force. The Emperor’s logisticians successfully prepared HIP 38747, a profitable system for the Empire.

The Euryale Gaia Union, led by Dictator Yuri Grom, had no expansion last week and did not prepare one. Saboteurs continue to exert a strong effort to wrest control of the Dictator’s preparation list from EG loyalists.

President Zachary Hudson and his Federal Republican Command successfully expanded to Kanus, a region formerly governed by his forces via Muncheim. His forces also prepared Nurundere. Success there will mark another victory for the President as he seeks to regain lost holdings. However, the system contests Prime Minister Mahon for 36 command capital (CC), a significant amount.

Admiral Denton Patreus put an end to continued conflict over the AF Leporis region by seizing Shokondii, a hotly-contested expansion which Felicia Winters’ forces fought hard to oppose. This profitable system closes the door on the Shadow President’s attempts to retake Yam and Capo, lost during Operation Valentine.

Princess Aisling Duval moved considerable tonnage to Antliae Sector CQ-Y B3, formerly exploited by Winters via Perktomen. However, opposition successfully halted her attempt to take the distant region.

Simguru Pranav Antal’s Utopians had no expansion last week and elected not to prepare one. In an isolated region far from the results of Operation Valentine, his forces are unlikely to find opportunities for new expansions.

CEO Li Yong-Rui led SiriusGov to victory in HIP 23395, taking yet another control system lost by Shadow President Winters out of play.

Shadow President Winters found victory in Skardee, striking a blow against the Imperial powers while taking valuable territory. Skardee contests Senator Torval, Princess Aisling, and the Emperor. Her forces prepared BD-01 1707 for expansion, exploiting Velnians, a lost control system. The Shadow President has the advantage here, with highly favourable expansion triggers.

Conflict in Atata continued last week, with Archon Delaine once again defeated by Dictator Grom. The Kumo Crew did not prepare an expansion last cycle.

Both of Senator Torval‘s weaponized expansions, targeting the Shadow President, were defeated. The Senator elected to consolidate last week and has no expansion.


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