Congratulations to Princess Aisling Duval who moved to the top of the GalNet galactic power standing boards at the end of cycle 207. Exactly how this standing is calculated, and what it means to be in the lead, has long been a subject of debate and theory for political observers. However it is clear that successfully expanding to the system of Runo and starting a new expansion to the system of Himardisc will have boosted her. This marks a significant milestone for the Princess, since this is the first time in what we believe is the leaderboard’s history that she has reached the top spot.

But the main news this cycle is the devastating turmoil of Simguru Pranav Antal’s Utopians. The massive surprise attack by forces from the Lupus Dei group, supporters of President Hudson, put Antal in a huge deficit of 2270 command capital (CC), with nine systems in turmoil and on the brink of revolt. We are seeing formidable hauling efforts from the Utopians, likely heading towards a blanket fortification of all systems, but we also see formidable undermining as well. The calculations are complex, but it appears at the moment that the Simguru cannot avoid losing at least a few systems, and since all of them are profitable, this will be a blow to his cause. The real question is whether they can retain some systems and exit turmoil, or whether they will lose them all and remain in turmoil for another cycle with even more systems threatening to revolt.

Emperor Lavigny-Duval’s fifth effort to expand to Simyr was defeated last cycle. Although we can’t be certain how hard her forces fought or how close the battle was, we do know there was at least 180,000 merits of opposition. Nevertheless she looks to be preparing the system again this cycle, currently close behind the usual saboteur-driven preparation of Bhavas.

Meanwhile her Federation counterpart President Hudson also failed to expand to the system of Lenty. Reports indicate it was a close battle, with the opposition managing at least 88,000 merits of damage. As yet Hudson has made no moves to prepare another system.

Shadow President Winters continued to claw back lost territory by easily winning her expansion to Mbambiva, which contests Admiral Patreus, and starting a new expansion to the system of Taexalk. With the expansion triggers again stacked in her favour, she is already a very strong 300,000 merits ahead of the opposition there.

Sirius Corporation emerged from a mild turmoil unscathed and retaining all their control systems. It is widely believed that the turmoil was self-induced as a countermeasure to a saboteur-driven intrusion into Hudson space, and it is a fine display of leadership skill and subtlety by Li Yong-Rui.

The Kumo Crew pirates continue to slug away at Yuri Grom, attempting yet again to expand to the contested system of Atata, and preparing their other usual target of Tai Quambis.

Meanwhile the Dictator himself has his usual fifth column-driven preparation of BD-10 5238 that they will need to answer or vote to consolidate away. Aisling Duval and Li Yong-Rui have both fully consolidated, while Mahon, Hudson, Patreus, Winters and Torval have made no significant preparation moves yet.

Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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