Shadow President Felicia Winters has lost control of fourteen valuable systems in a critical turmoil. The lost systems were worth a combined 138 Command Capital (CC) at maximum overheads and comprised the lion’s share of Winters’ profitable systems. Winters is now out of turmoil with 105 CC to spend this cycle, which is not enough to prepare any of her lost systems for expansion.


Powers which had overlap with the lost systems can now generate income from the previously-contested systems, causing an 85 CC gain for Torval, 22 CC for Patreus, 20 CC for Aisling and 6 CC for Mahon.


As reported last week, a combination of a 574 CC default deficit, 1,425 CC income being withheld by systems in turmoil and unwanted fortification left Winters with few options. Like last cycle, nearly all systems were both undermined and fortified, causing the ending balance to be similar to the default deficit. As a result of the ending deficit, all systems on the turmoil list were lost which ended the turmoil as overhead discounts improved her default balance to a surplus of 63 CC.


SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui remains in turmoil, shedding six lossmakers which were making a combined loss of 86 CC per cycle. 105 CC of the lost systems’ radius income can still be earned with nearby control systems. Additionally, SiriusGov now benefits from 444 CC in overhead discounts due to the reduced system count. President Hudson also gains 39 CC which was previously contested between his LHS 1541 and LYR’s former KP Tauri.


SiriusGov Special Advisor Dementez comments:

“At SiriusGov we make business-centric decisions based on performance and, while we’re a faction-friendly corporation, we should not be mistaken for a charity. To this end the operations executive has terminated contracts with six underperforming systems, effective immediately. Moving forward we look to consolidate our remaining assets and our balance sheet will now show a much more streamlined and profitable bottom line. Should the need arise in the future, further restructuring and rationalisation may be required.”


The total savings for SiriusGov amount to 635 CC, improving its default balance from a deficit of 349 CC to a surplus of 286 CC. Last cycle’s report erroneously stated that the highest achievable surplus was 181 CC as the 105 CC of internal overlap was not accounted for. This Sagittarius Eye reporter hangs his head in shame as he adjusts his spreadsheets and reduces the butter quota on his bread.


This cycle, two profitable systems are on the turmoil list, forcing SiriusGov to fortify itself out of turmoil. This was caused by the drastic measure of undermining profitable systems to ensure the six lossmakers on last cycle’s turmoil list were shed. The measure was needed as 23 systems were fortified against Li Yong-Rui’s wishes, including four designated undermining targets. This flagrant disregard for the CEO’s plans reduced the potential cost savings, though the restructuring still passed relatively smoothly compared to Winters’ disastrous turmoil. If saboteurs fortified all lossmakers as they did for Winters, SiriusGov would have only been able to lose profitable systems. Conversely, Winters would have been able to avoid the loss of at least a few profitable ones in favour of shedding lossmakers if saboteurs had not fortified every lossmaker she undermined.


EG Union Dictator Yuri Grom has resolved his turmoil as his domain saw relatively little undermining, with only two systems undermined and subsequently fortified. With additional overhead discounts from the loss of Adad, his default surplus has risen to 660 CC, higher than any other Power.


President Zachary Hudson’s expansion attempt at Alpha Caeli failed as expected. The expansion was prepared mainly to oppose Senator Torval’s attempts to prepare the nearby LHS 184, which would have weaponized into him for 55 CC. This cycle, Hudson is expanding to Mulungu, a system near Grom’s former control system of Adad, which would earn him 26 CC. Due to the proximity to Hudson’s headquarters in Nanomam, his opposition would have to work 1.24 times harder to stop the expansion.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s expansion attempt at L 206-187 failed by a wide margin. It was mainly intended to prevent her ‘fifth column’ from preparing a worse expansion while also threatening to contest Hudson for 101 CC.


Senator Zemina Torval prepared an expansion to Hesa, which would cost her 65 CC at maximum overheads but also contest Winters for 26 CC. As seven out of nine potentially exploited systems are democratically governed, Torval is finding herself having to work 1.72 times harder than the opposition to keep up.


Princess Aisling Duval prepared an expansion to Wilintae, as she has done more often in recent times. Previously the expansion would have contested Winters’s Nunuri for 26 CC, but this amount can now be earned by Aisling herself as Winters has now lost Nunuri. However, at -67 CC it still doesn’t look very attractive and was likely intended to block worse expansion from being prepared.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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