Hello commanders!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sagittarius Eye Magazine will be returning to the Elite galaxy later this month. Our next issue, #35, will release on PDF and podcast on Friday 23rd April.


Since we took a breather last year our team has enjoyed some time off. However, Odyssey has really energised us: we’re tremendously excited by what Frontier have created, and there probably hasn’t been this much energy in our Discord for years. We’re really inspired to get back to making magazines every month!


Our team is in a really healthy place, too. With the new series of Sagittarius Eye most of our old team are returning, including longtime editor Souvarine. We now have no fewer than four active and talented designers, a crack team of writers and editors, and our photography partners the SPVFA are turning in breathtaking images for us in greater numbers than ever before. 


Over the months that most of us have been taking a break, the Sagittarius Eye podcast has carried on. The writers, voice actors and editors involved in that have done a fantastic job, having released seven excellent audio-only issues and kept Sagittarius Eye alive. Hats off and thank you to them. 

Print copies

Ever since we started in late 3303, readers have been asking us whether they can get their hands on print copies of the magazine. We have occasionally had the odd issue printed for raffle prizes and the like, and got into the habit of printing and posting a copy of each issue to Frontier’s offices, but doing so was very expensive so we couldn’t offer it more widely than this. Added to that, we put a lot of work into the magazine to make it the highest-quality we can, and we’re unwilling to use poor-quality services that wouldn’t do our work justice. 


Happily, with the beginning of this new series of the magazine and after consultation with Frontier, we’ve managed to find a service that will let us print and post high-quality copies of the magazine anywhere in the world. It’s still an expensive service — many times more so than the price of a traditional newsagent magazine — so we’ve decided to include it in our Patreon option, for those who really want it. But we’re thrilled that we’re finally able to do this, as holding an issue in your hands really is the ultimate way to enjoy the magazine!

Seeking audio editors

We’re on the lookout for audio editors. If you like working with audio and think you’d be able to take recordings from lots of different voice actors, balance them and assemble them with music into a polished podcast, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected].

April Fool’s video

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the ‘technology breakdown’ created by our video team. If you’ve ever wondered how those lifts are so fast, this is for you!

See you on the 23rd

Disembark at www.sagittarius-eye.com from 5pm on April 23rd to catch Issue 35 of Sagittarius Eye. We hope you enjoy it!


Fly magnificently, 

The Sagittarius Eye team

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