The third Small Worlds Expedition was announced this week. These expeditions are for small class ships only and are designed to give a taste of exploration for those who are interested in gaining new experiences of deep space travel, those who do not have the funds for larger vessels and those who are looking for a new challenge in ships that are seldom used for exploration.

The expeditions are also renowned for their mass jumps, with dozens of ships engaging their FSDs simultaneously towards the same destination.

The expedition is set to launch on May 26th 3304 from T Tauri A1a and to last for three weeks. The waypoints are all relatively close to inhabited space, with the farthest being the Veil Nebula West about 1500 LY from Sol, and do not require a large jump range to reach, with the minimum recommended range being 20 LY. The total distance to be travelled is estimated to be just over 9000 LY.

So far, nearly fifty pilots have signed up for the expedition and every type of small ship, except for the Core Dynamics Eagle MkII, is currently represented. For more information, see the Elite Federation of Pilots’ own communications channels.

Reported by Edelgard von Rhein
Image by CmdrOrangePheonix [SPVFA]

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