The annual spectacle of Speedbowl IV — the fifth iteration of this high-gravity, high-speed, high-stakes race — is just around the corner. Taking place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November, at HR 6164 ABC 1 (also known as ‘The View’), this is the first player organized race event that truly makes use of fleet carriers. 


The production of the event has so far involved not only the likes of Turjan Starstone and ToCoSo, a good dozen of pilots and cameramen but also outside sources that developed a bespoke bot to allow automatic processing of race submissions.


The fleet carrier Lithobrake departs from 61 Virginis on Monday evening, shuttling interested pilots to the race venue. On location, there are at least six carriers with shipyards and repair facilities.

Of note is the newly-created all-time leaderboard, where you can compare to the veterans of past events thanks to some brilliant mathematical wizardry!


More information can be found via the links below.


Official information thread

Official comms hub

Official trailer

Learn how to speedbowl

Adventures in Lithobraking


And of course, follow the organiser for all updates concerning Speedbowl!


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