As the Distant Worlds 2 expedition travels farther away from the Bubble, Thargoid hostilities are escalating. This week, an unprecedented fifteen systems are now suffering Thargoid incursions and several new stations have been attacked.


The two Pilots Federation groups feeling the pressure most keenly are the Anti-Xeno Initiative (AXI), who haven’t been able to keep up with all the incursions, and Operation IDA, who have seen a number of stations they had already repaired be attacked and damaged yet again.


Commander 100.rub of the AXI suggests that these new attacks are reminiscent of an old tactic used by German forces during World War 2. He said: “they did a sort-of blitzkrieg, moving the main force without the initial scouting.”


“It’s too convenient,” said Commander Gluttony Fang. “An invasion of this calibre is unheard of, and the timing left many AXI members, myself included, bemused. An in-house AXI expedition launched early last month and reached its midpoint: the Galactic Center, its furthest waypoint from the current human Bubble. While the last thing I want to do is to doubt the very colleagues by my sides, I cannot allow such a convenient coincidence be left unresolved.”


Some have suggested that the timing of the incursions seems too coincidental, happening right after the launch of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, but also while many members of the AXI are out of the Bubble as well.


“Our expedition is seen by some as securing a retreat route if the unimaginable happens,” stated Gluttony Fang, caught by a reporter as he left an internal conference with various diplomats. “While we should ideally sacrifice everything to fight back against the Xeno threat, there is no point if humanity goes extinct. I will not conceal the fact that the expedition does serve to prospect for possible sanctuaries for humanity to regain a foothold and strike back if the day is lost, for that the war must be won to ensure our rightful place in this galaxy.”


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