Treaty Signed in Carcosa

The war in the remote Carcosa system came to an official halt today, with Loren’s Legion representing The Nameless, and Explorers’ Nation — backed by the Social Eleu Progressive Party — signing a binding treaty of peace after an extended period of negotiations. The treaty includes official recognition of Nameless…
Sagittarius Eye
August 14, 3305
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Theta Indi conquered by Imperial forces

An early counter-attack supporting the Federal Navy in Theta Indi failed to stop the Praetorian Curiate Assembly’s conquest of the populous system, over six months after Senator Patreus pulled it into his domain through his control of Regira, 14.5 light years away.   The neo-feudalist Praetorian Curiate Assembly (PCA), based…
Sagittarius Eye
June 25, 3305

Guardians of Harmony and others join Communism Interstellar

Cmdr Jane Turner, representative for Communist Interstellar (CI), has announced that several new communist governments have joined CI, including the Guardians of Harmony, a communist faction governing 54 star systems. Communist organisations under CI’s umbrella include Communism Interstellar Union, Interstellar Communist Union, and Egovii Union.   Negotiations between CI and…
Sagittarius Eye
June 19, 3305
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New coalition of independents formed

Lucifer Wolfgang of the Mercs of Mikunn announced yesterday a new political organisation comprised of a number of major independent factions across inhabited space. This Coalition is, according to Wolfgang, a “greater mutual defence and aid pact to counter any threats from the Empire, Federation, Alliance, aliens, and disaster.”  …
Sagittarius Eye
May 15, 3305
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Freelancers Alliance face backlash

Following a campaign of alleged forced recruitment, several groups of Pilots Federation members are in conflict with the Freelancers Alliance, a squadron based in the Xiri system. A coalition specialised on pilot versus pilot combat called ‘PAX’ has been formed by the groups The Chaotic Good and The Altruists, and…
Sagittarius Eye
April 16, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye moves to new headquarters

Sagittarius Eye has gained a controlling interest in its first orbital starport.   In January this year, the media cooperative secured a lease at McMullen Ring in the Millese system, after several months spent publishing their well-known magazine from the cargo hold of a Type-10 Defender on loan from the…
Sagittarius Eye
March 13, 3305
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Sagittarius Eye faction

Since the destruction of Sagittarius Eye’s office on Lave Station on 29th August 3304, we have continued to broadcast and publish our magazine from our mobile office the Monocle, a Type-10 Defender on loan from our partners, the SPVFA. Today we are happy to report that we have finally opened…
Sagittarius Eye
January 19, 3305

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