A new online forum for pilots is now open. 


Elite Community Combat Events (ECCE) is a chat server to promote pilot versus pilot (PvP) combat events, help guide new pilots into the world of PvP, and aid in fostering communication to help established PvP groups to organise events.


The founders behind this organisation have run successful events such as the 51st Massilia Eagle Event, Scenic Fight Nights, Gladiatorial Games, Screaming Eagles Sparring, and many more. The server will be run to promote sustainable PvP while denouncing cheating and toxic behaviour. The organisers also plan to host a registry for established PvP groups to advertise themselves. 


The ECCE schedule currently includes four weekly events: Arena 51 offers unengineered Eagle wing fights. Wyrd Wednesday, Screaming Eagles Sparring, and Scenic Fight Night focus on engineered medium-sized ship combat.


Additionally, monthly open space conflicts will be tracked and organised through ECCE. The first episode will occur in the Wyrd system on the 24th August. More information will be available as events unfold.


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