Widespread turmoil in Hudson’s space

The Imperial powers and Yuri Grom (ZYADA) are shifting the focus of their campaign against the Federation on to the President himself.   The recent assaults against Shadow President Winters — termed ‘Operation Valentine’ — were led by Aisling Duval, but this time the offensive is led by Grom. Zachary…
Sagittarius Eye
March 22, 3305

Operation Valentine concludes

The Imperial offensive, termed 'Operation Valentine' by Princess Aisling Duval's forces, has come to an end. Over the operation's four-week duration Imperial commanders have intercepted and destroyed over a hundred thousand Federal couriers and agents, collectively earning just under three and a half million merits.   For three weeks this…
Sagittarius Eye
March 16, 3305

New Horizons Found in the Sol System

On April 12th Researchers in the Sol system detected faint signals from an ancient space probe sent out in the early days of the 21st Century. Relics from this era are rare - this is only the third such probe re-discovered after being lost for over a millennium. It is…
Sagittarius Eye
April 13, 3304

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