New Horizons Found in the Sol System

On April 12th Researchers in the Sol system detected faint signals from an ancient space probe sent out in the early days of the 21st Century. Relics from this era are rare - this is only the third such probe re-discovered after being lost for over a millennium. It is…
Sagittarius Eye
April 13, 3304

Why Have the Thargoid Sites Gone Quiet?

After three weeks of data collected from the Thargoid surface sites, this week the Eagle Eye stations have failed to detect any new signals. Speaking to Galnet, Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, said: “It appears... that the sites are currently dormant, as no energy-level fluctuations have been detected…
Sagittarius Eye
March 30, 3304

Canonn Publish Decoded Eagle Eye Data Resource

The Canonn research group, comprised of independent Commanders from all walks of life, has published a compiled list of the Eagle Eye Installations and the locations the signals appear to point to. The exact nature of the targets indicated by these signals is sometimes unclear, but what is becoming clear…
Sagittarius Eye
March 16, 3304

Guardians Ruins History Revealed

Ram Tah's latest research regarding the ancient aliens known as the Guardians has revealed locations of previously unknown structures. Ram Tah, based in the Meene system, is hoping to delve even deeper into the Guardian mystery by once again enlisting the help of independent commanders. Numerous pilots have been swarming…
Sagittarius Eye
March 3, 3304

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