Sunday 26th of July…  that’s this weekend… will see the first gathering of Slaughterbowl 3306.

The event will take place in the “Stafford Arena Crater” on planet 2 D in the Orrere System, and at 2100 Universal Galactic Time the chaos will begin!

What is Slaughterbowl?” I hear you ask. Well it’s an SRV Destruction Derby event open to any commander who feels they have what it takes to be the last one standing as “There can be only one“.


The event has been meticulously researched and organised by Cmdr Iolair Uaine for the benefit of the community as a whole.

So if you feel you have what it takes, get your warpaint on, get that SRV premium ammo and repair synthesis done and get ready for the battle of your life!

For further information on this event, including the rules and how to find the crater, please make use of the following links. Be sure to arrive in good time.


About SlaughterBowl:




For full information and discussion, join us on Discord:


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