Sol to Colonia new time record

Sol to Colonia new time record
March 11, 3305 Sagittarius Eye

A new speed record to Colonia from the confines of the Bubble has been set by Commander St4r Fox. The previous record holder, Cmdr AlexBrentnall, agreed this was the case “as he managed to cut five minutes to final-system and two minutes to being docked from my previous record […] I was wondering when someone would break it, as I held the title for the past year and half”.


Using his Anaconda Nigel it took him one-hour fifty-minutes and thirty-two seconds trip to dock at famous Jaques Station in Colonia. The Anaconda, with a fully topped-up fuel tank, manages 79.85 light-year jump ranges while maxing out at an impressive 83.43 light-years on unladen conditions. When asked about the engineering specifications of Nigel, St4r Fox informed us that it is “Basically standard exploration Conda, fully light-weighted and stripped down with increased range mods, and lightweight sensors from legacy engineering system, just a fuel scoop and AFMU in optionals.”


While reviewing the audiovisual footage, this reporter noticed that the Cmdr chose a shield-less build, which accounts for the 8% hull damaged the ship received when docking in Colonia. Small price for a record. When asked for motivation for the 85-jump trip from Jameson Memorial to Jaques Station, the record keeper said “Just to pin the new SCB blueprint”.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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